Thursday, March 14, 2013

Adult Classes

The First Pillow

A Second

A Beautiful Bag Was Made Too!

The Cutest Quilt In The World!

A Little Hand Embroidery Makes It Better

Did you know that Alberta Art Classes has offerings for adults as well? We are also open to bartering services, being Pay What You Can Afford and all...

I am presently bartering ukulele lessons for sewing lessons. My student started with a small quilt style pillow in which I cut the squares and helped her along. The first pillow is that cute green number!

The next week, another pillow was in order for a gift. This time, she did nearly all of the work herself with only moderate supervision. The company is nice too. Like a Sewing Circle.

All of that sewing inspired me. I pulled out some cute Liberty of London fabric I have been saving, clearly for this project...I stitched this quick baby quilt. It came together like a breeze. I took this as sign that this will be a good, well behaved babykins. I wasn't too worried about perfection in this case, as it will have lots of spit up and the like on it. I wanted the new mama to be able to throw it into the washer and not have to be too fussy about it. I like it. I think it came out really cute.

Spring! Oh, Lovely, Spring!

Freshly Felted Tulip Cups

Sweet. Sweet. Sweet.

I Added A Few Felt Leaves

And A Wee Flower Fairy

The world is busting out from its slumber. There are little signs everywhere, bobbing daffodil heads, brave little crocus' making the first move! At Alberta Art Classes, we are following suit. New bulbs have blossomed here as well. Take a look!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pinch Pot Painting

Ready To Go!

 Helping Hands

The One On The Left Matches The Blog! The Bonus Painting Was The Paper Underneath!


Painting The Inside Blue

This week at Alberta Art Classes, we painted the clay pots we sculpted last week. These pots will not be fired, just sealed. This makes for a quick project with very satisfying results for me and the children! We started with three pre-sized bits of clay. Starting with a smaller piece allows the fingers to limber up a little bit, we then shaped a small bowl. The children moved to the medium size, to the large, gaining dexterity and confidence so that working with a large bit of clay was not too difficult. This exercise also visually demonstrates small, medium and large. The best part? So fun.

I like to use old plates as pallets, easy clean-up, re-use. Perfect.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Buns and Mobiles

Remember The Root Babies? This one has been given the prestigious name of James!

She really liked making Buns and eating Buns

The felt hearts were cut from the felt mats the children made last week

We could have just kneaded dough and shaped Buns the entire time!

Heart Mobiles made from felt hearts the children felted themselves, then strung upon sticks found in the yard.

This week was filled with sunshine and lots of handwork. I allowed dough to rise before the class, when the children arrived, the dough was ready for kneading and shaping. This activity is a good activity for using both hands. Although children will begin to favor one hand at this age, and sooner, it is important that they continue to do work that encourages them to use both hands at the same time. Honestly, we could have done just the bread and the children would have been very happy indeed.

We did have a few projects to finish while the Buns were baking though! The children had felted flat sheets of felt which I cut into hearts. We found small sticks in the yard and strung up our felted hearts. Very sweet indeed.

Remember, Alberta Art Classes is always Pay What You Can Afford. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Root Children

The winter here in the Pacific Northwest can be cold and very rainy. That is okay though, for deep underground, sleeping in their warm, winter beds sleep The Root Children. They are busy resting, for they have much service to perform before Spring can appear. Mother Earth gently wakes them from their slumber, urging each to shake the sleep from their wee eyes and get ready for the work of those deep below the earth.

They sew and dye the flower petals. They polish the beetles. They paint and shine the ladybugs too. And here they are, just for you...

The students at Alberta Art Classes wet felted the beds and I hope will be delighted when they return this week to find these sweet Root Children nestled in their beds. Spring will come, my friends. I promise.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Star Money

Preparing to tell the Grimm Tale, Star Money

Painting Yellow

The wee ones finger painted, Star Money fell right into their baskets.

The big girls finger painted Star Money

The story of Star Money, brings a sense of gratitude and selfless to the listener. This small girl is left to fend for herself in the great world. With a pious heart and generous spirit, she proceeds to give all she has to offer, a piece of bread, a cap, a coat, her dress and finally, her slip. Just as she gives away her final garment, leaving herself alone and naked in the wood, golden coins begin to fall from the sky.
As she glances down, she sees she is clothed in the finest linen. She catches the coins and lives in harmony for the rest of her days. Of course, this tale is not about being selfish for monetary gain, it is swimming in selflessness and being rewarded without expectation. I know that there is controversy regarding The Fairy Tale, but I believe it is unfounded. When taken literally, there may be concern. However, a Fairy Tale lives in the spirit. Fairy Tales hold the archetypes of our human capacity. When children hear a Fairy Tale, they are experiencing the enormous capacity of the human spirit to triumph through adversity.

On Painting One Color

Painting begins with color, each color carries with it it's own qualities. When children paint only one color at a time, they are able to experience these qualities out of their own forces. Really painting yellow, watching how it moves, where it shines out, where it dissipates into light, gives the painter a chance to converse with the color in purity. It also allows a little one to walk away with a painting that is peaceful and harmonious. Eventually, we will paint all of the primary colors individually, then move onto colors "meeting" each other on the same page. This allows the child to see the colors working together. Without these first steps, it is easy to freely mix colors until they are muddy and brown. Although this can be fun, the real hope in art instruction and experience is develop a conversation between the artist and color.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Painting Yellow

Watercolor Class

Even as the chilly January temperatures keep the world frosty, the sun has been peeking out nearly everyday! During this week's painting class we gathered around the hearth and heard the story of "The Sun Prince." He stole away the only daughter of a poor farmer. Her mother cried with grief everyday. When the brothers were old enough to know of their mother's sorrows, each went in turn to bring their sister home. Only the youngest was brave enough to all that was asked of him after his arrival at the Sun Prince's shining dwelling. And so his sister was allowed to visit her grieving mother and provide comfort to her.

We painted Yellow, in all of it's shining glory. No words, just watching Yellow shine and wane and disappear into light. It was a cold day, but we experienced the warmth of Yellow, and bright and true.

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Frog Prince

Wool Roving, Castille Soap, Warm Water and Magic Bells

The sun was shining brightly here in Portland today! It was the perfect day for felting. After hearing the story of The Frog Prince, and the fate of the princess' Golden Ball, we moved over to the work table. With warm water and a squirt of Dr. Bronner's Rose soap, we were ready to roll. Starting with a small bell and some wool roving, we worked the wool and added more wool roving until we had The Princess' Golden Ball! A great way to spend the day.

The Princess' Golden Ball

And if you are interested, the fees at Alberta Art Classes are now Pay What You Can. Please don't let lack of funds keep you or your little one from experiencing an Artful Life! Sign-up today at