Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Buns and Mobiles

Remember The Root Babies? This one has been given the prestigious name of James!

She really liked making Buns and eating Buns

The felt hearts were cut from the felt mats the children made last week

We could have just kneaded dough and shaped Buns the entire time!

Heart Mobiles made from felt hearts the children felted themselves, then strung upon sticks found in the yard.

This week was filled with sunshine and lots of handwork. I allowed dough to rise before the class, when the children arrived, the dough was ready for kneading and shaping. This activity is a good activity for using both hands. Although children will begin to favor one hand at this age, and sooner, it is important that they continue to do work that encourages them to use both hands at the same time. Honestly, we could have done just the bread and the children would have been very happy indeed.

We did have a few projects to finish while the Buns were baking though! The children had felted flat sheets of felt which I cut into hearts. We found small sticks in the yard and strung up our felted hearts. Very sweet indeed.

Remember, Alberta Art Classes is always Pay What You Can Afford. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Root Children

The winter here in the Pacific Northwest can be cold and very rainy. That is okay though, for deep underground, sleeping in their warm, winter beds sleep The Root Children. They are busy resting, for they have much service to perform before Spring can appear. Mother Earth gently wakes them from their slumber, urging each to shake the sleep from their wee eyes and get ready for the work of those deep below the earth.

They sew and dye the flower petals. They polish the beetles. They paint and shine the ladybugs too. And here they are, just for you...

The students at Alberta Art Classes wet felted the beds and I hope will be delighted when they return this week to find these sweet Root Children nestled in their beds. Spring will come, my friends. I promise.