Thursday, August 28, 2014

August Break

Birthday Cake Was Everywhere

I took the month of August off to enjoy a plethora of Family August Birthdays, including mine. There were visits from loved ones with wee ones, loved ones from afar and the nights were never long enough. The mornings went by too quickly. Oh, but we did have fun.

After a quick Estate Sale run and $10 later, I had a new, old set of vintage camp chairs. There was no cloth, so I got to work with some remnants and Indigo pieces I had in The Hoard.

There was a little tipi building happening too. Although I was thrilled with the result, I was even more thrilled with how much everyone loved it and used it and made it homey.

There was a little of this. And a little of that. 

The signs of Autumn are slow but if you really look, they are arriving in a dry and crispy wind...

My busy hands were not idle, my friends. There were lots of things growing, harvested, dyed, refurbished and built from scraps. I love August. The height of that last summer heat, the water is warm and the fall seems to be knocking at the door.