Monday, January 21, 2013

Painting Yellow

Watercolor Class

Even as the chilly January temperatures keep the world frosty, the sun has been peeking out nearly everyday! During this week's painting class we gathered around the hearth and heard the story of "The Sun Prince." He stole away the only daughter of a poor farmer. Her mother cried with grief everyday. When the brothers were old enough to know of their mother's sorrows, each went in turn to bring their sister home. Only the youngest was brave enough to all that was asked of him after his arrival at the Sun Prince's shining dwelling. And so his sister was allowed to visit her grieving mother and provide comfort to her.

We painted Yellow, in all of it's shining glory. No words, just watching Yellow shine and wane and disappear into light. It was a cold day, but we experienced the warmth of Yellow, and bright and true.

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