Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer 2014

Oh, my. Why, why have I been gone so long? Life. Mostly. New roads with quick endings, old roads with the same endings. All along, I have been teaching art to wee ones. I will be sharing all that we do, and we do so very much.

Here is our Facebook link:

This summer I am doing classes three days a week, we sing, we move a little, we bake a little and then we start a good long session of doing. Lately we have been immersed in clay modeling. I keep trying to introduce something else, but the children are engaged and happy and so creative, I do not have the heart to interrupt their flow.

All classes are held in NE Portland, Oregon and all classes are Pay What You Can Afford. 

A few of the mothers of my small students have requested a simple sewing class and craft class for adults. I will announce that schedule soon. 

Art Saves Lives

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